General Rules

Here is a list to help understand how “Futsal” is played:

1. There is a 4 second limit on every restart.
2. All players must wear flat indoor shoes. No cleats or turf shoes are permitted.
3. No shoulder charging or pushing.
4. No slide tackling.
5. Kick-in instead of throw in.
6. Goals cannot be scored from kick-ins. Kick offs do not have to go forward first.
7. No goal kick but goal clearance (goalkeeper rolls/throws the ball with hands).
8. Goalkeepers cannot drop kicks or punt the ball.
9. The futsal pass back rule to the goalkeeper is in effect. After any goalkeeper distribution (hands or feet) the ball must be touched by the opponent before playing back to the goalkeeper. The exception to the rule is if the goalkeeper is in the offensive half of the field, then they are allowed to touch the ball at any point.
10. Goalkeepers cannot throw the ball in the air past the top of the opponent’s penalty arc.
11. Substitutions are made “on the fly”(player has to leave the field before the other comes in).
12. Upon a team’s 6th accumulated foul in each half, the defending team cannot build a wall to block the kick and this results in a penalty kick from the first mark or second mark.
13. No offside rule.
14. Games are 2 equal periods of 25 minutes with 1 minute for half time.
15. One 30 second timeout per team per half is rewarded.
16. Switching of benches between halves.
17. For free kicks and corner kicks – opponents have to be at least 3 yards away from the ball. For kick-ins opponents have to be at least 3 yards awarded. Not adhering to the required distance is an automatic yellow card in futsal.
18. In a goal clearance players should be on the pitch and outside the penalty area of the team taking the goal clearance until the ball is in play.
19. In a penalty kick all players other than the player taking the kick must be 4 yards behind the ball.
20. Please arrive for games 10 minutes early.
21. Referee’s decisions are final, please respect their decision.
22. Fighting is not tolerated resulting in the player’s immediate removal from the facility and decision to return by the Program Director.
23. No player is to play in the hallways and younger players must be supervised by parents.
24. All HS teams must have a coach or supervisor over the age of 18 that is not in the roster and has knowledge of the game.
25. All waivers must be signed prior to training or playing in an organized game.

Staff/Location The Program will be staffed by qualified coaches from the Concord are who have been part of the summer Staff as well as Head and Assistant Coaches of their respective High Schools.

Jorge Pardo              Soccer Camp and Futsal Program Director
Scott Dunlop              Boys Varsity Head Coach at Concord HS
Michell Indriago              Boys Varsity assistant Coach at Concord HS
Mike Foley              Boys Varsity Head Coach at Belmont HS
Israel Bernal-Lopez              Girls JV Head Coach at St. Thomas Aquinas HS
Pedro Perez              Boys JV Head Coach at Concord High School

All the training sessions will be provided at the new renovated facility Capital City and Sports and Fitness Health Club in Concord NH. 10 Garvins Falls Road.

Registration and other programs