About Us

Entering our 30th successful year, the fitness and conditioning program at Carámba Soccer Skills Camp is based on South American teaching methods which encompass technical and tactical work and high-intensity training sessions. Our methods of training will allow each player to learn personal awareness and self-esteem as the player progresses through the week. Carámba Soccer Skills Camp was established in Cartagena, Colombia under la Federación Colombiana De Fútbol in order to bring an attractive system of play. Our diverse staff is able to provide a program that specializes in the skill development of all positions: Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders, and Strikers.

Mission Statement

To provide the most valuable experience possible using instruction and positive reinforcement in match related games and situations regardless of which side of the ball the camper plays on...in a mutually satisfying atmosphere where learning takes place in the spirit of comraderie; from goalkeeper to striker, boy and girl, staff coach and camper, fostering soccer development and encouraging of an appreciation of soccer's intrinsic values. As a coed Soccer Camp we create an equal opportunity for everyone to be part of our community.


Jorge Pardo served as a member of the Youth National Soccer Team in Colombia, South America in 1981 and 1982. He was granted a soccer scholarship at Long Island University/C.W.Post NCAA Div. II and graduated with High Honors. He then went on to earn his masters degree in languages and education from Columbia University.


  • USSF "B" License
  • USSF "National Youth License"
  • NSCAA "National Diploma"
  • NSCAA "Goalkeeper Level III"

  • Past Experience (Over 13 Years)
  • Men's Head Coach at NHTI Comm. College
  • Stadium Announcer for the 2005 CONCACAF Tournament at Gillet Stadium
  • New Hampshire Soccer Association ODP Scouting Director 2002 - 2003
  • Director of Coaching for the New Hampshire Soccer Association 1999 - 2002
  • Director of Coaching for Nashua World Cup soccer club 1996 - 1999
  • Language Ambassador at the 1999 Women's World Cup in Foxboro
  • 1999 NHIAA Girls Coach of the year
  • 1998 NHSA Girls Coach of the Year
  • Former Member of the USISL Boston Storm

    4x4 iN THE ARENA

    The 4v4 System “IN THE ARENA” is a new and exciting system designed to encourage soccer development. Playing on a small field enclosed by mesh walls and small built-in goals, the game is continuous fun for all ages and skill levels.

    The 4x4 System has been in place for many years and all players learn to play on both sides of the ball. THE ARENA gives a unique stadium-like feel to the non-stop game. Every coach is looking to maximize skill development in the few hours that the team comes together for its training session. THE ARENA lets the players learn the importance of first touch, precise dribbling, quick turns, and vision of the entire field. Most of all, it teaches each player to be aware of playing in tight spaces, how to make quick decisions, and the importance of movement off the ball.

    For players, THE ARENA brings a whole new dimension to small-sided games. Quick 15 minute games demand constant involvement and continuous movement. There are no goalkeepers, no off-sides and no stoppage. Play is intense and FUN. It is fast and skillful with endless opportunities to transition from defense to attack. Each team member is always in motion and attempting to gain possession or close down the opponent. Given the closed in space, the ball rarely leaves the field of play which allows accelerated skill development, stamina and self-confidence.


    Coaching retention is our number one priority as many of our local coaches are men, women and educators from local high schools and colleges. The majority of them are USSF and NSCAA licensed coaches. A goal-keeping coach is also on staff to specialize in this type of position.


    Course Curriculum

    PLAYER TECHNIQUES             
    *First Touch & Receiving              *1v1 Attack & Dribbling
    *2v2 Defending              *Finishing & Free Kicks
    *Skill Development              *Long balls & Crossing

    *Diving Saves      *Hand Distribution
    *Tipping & Parrying      *Organizing the Defense
    *Footwork Mobility      *Angle Play & Positioning
    *Breakaway Saves      *Dead ball situations

    *Speed of Play *Team defending
    *High/Low Pressure *Principles of Attack
    *Creating 2v1 *Combination Play opportunities
    *Defense in each 3rd of the Field     

    *Speed training                *Footspeed & Quickness
    *Injury care & Prevention                *Nutrition/Hydration
    *Warm-up & Cool-down                *Off-season training

    *Training Discipline                *Positive Reinforcement
    *Self-Confidence                *Leadership
    *Patience & Setting Goals                *Dealing with Pressure