2018 Camp Dates

2018 Camp Dates

  • Nashua – Mine Falls Fields (9:00am to 3:00pm) July 9 – July 13 [1st-8th grade]   

  • Raymond – Commett Fields (5:00 to 8:00pm) July 30 – August 2 [1st- 8th grade]   

  • Concord – St. Paul's School (8:00 to 2:30pm) July 23 – July 27 [1st-8th grade]   

  • Chichester – Carpenter Fields (9:00 to 3:00pm) July 30 – August 3 [1st-8th grade]   

  • Nashua – Mine Falls Fields (9:00 to 3:00pm) August 6 – August 10 [1st-8th grade]   

  • CONCORD – Center Point Fields, August 6 - 9 [1st-8th /9th-12th grade] High School and Elementary/Middle School Pre-Season (5:00 to 8:00pm)   

    Due to a high demand over the last year, our Goalkeeping School will be provided as a Full Day Camp or Evening Camp at the following venues:

  • Concord – St. Paul's School July 23 – July 27   

  • CONCORD – Center Point Fields, August 6 - 9   

    The cost of a FULL DAY participation is $215.00 per week. This includes a t-shirt, insurance and a camp souvenir. If there is more than one participant per family that will be attending, the first child will pay $215.00, the second child $210.00, the third $205.00, etc. Players that choose to attend more than one week of camp will pay $215.00 for the first week and $200.00 for each additional week attended. The cost of the EVENING programs is $135.00 per player. The fee of $135.00 will also apply to the HS Pre-season Program.

    -Due to limited space, a $100.00 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT is due with the application by the provided deadline.
    -Applications received after the deadlines will be charged a $10.00 late fee and accepted on a space available basis only.
    -Players that attend as a team (with at least 10 players) will receive soccer equipment.